Our health coaching services are currently geared toward helping businessmen and similar executive types seeking to achieve their lean, muscular, and re-energized dream physique. Not only that, but achieving the life changing mindset and physical benefits that come with it…and with less time and effort than you might think based on our scientific and time-efficient methods.

See the below excerpt from our founder to learn more…

Dr. Casey Greene

Founder, Nexus Health Partnership


So what do you do?

I specialize in physique and performance transformation for busy, high-performance businessmen. 

I help super-busy men, on average, lose over 25% of their body fat and gain well over 10 lbs. of muscle, all while completely changing their metabolism.

In short, I can make you a whole new man in just 2-3 months…

Oh, so you sell magic bullets?


This isn’t magic.

It’s science.

And don’t think this is easy. You’ve got to do work. 

Anyone who says transforming your physique is easy is lying. 

I’m completely honest with you. 

There are no shortcuts, and yeah…

I’m trying to sell you something, but…

It’s something I fully believe in and have been working on for nearly two decades.

The results happen fast, but not lying-infomercial fast. 

So, how does this work?

We’re going to focus on the 3 core elements to physique:

> Nutrition.
> Exercise. (Less than 3 total hours per week in case you were wondering…)
> Functional Medicine.

Now, the first two may sound obvious, but when you add in the third?

Crazy results start happening.

Results you simply cannot get by just focusing on the first two alone.

What kind of results?

> 25% body fat loss

>10 Lbs. muscle gain

>Skyrocketing natural testosterone

>Diminishing hunger hormones

>Less stress

>Drastically improved mood

>Reduced joint pain

Complete physique & performance transformation!


…We’ve even seen clients have such massive hormone improvement that it slows or reversed ED.

How long does this take?

The program runs 8 weeks.

But I’m a very busy businessman! I don’t have time for this.

Because this program focuses on 3 separate areas, you can.

Think of it as little changes you can make every day.

I understand why you think it wouldn’t work though. Other programs require you to live at the gym.

This program was designed to work from anywhere. 

Even if you travel.

What’s included in the program? 

You’ll receive: 

> 8 weeks of online course modules.
> Live workup and coaching via Zoom.
> Instructions via email & Kajabi.
> 2 bloodspot + saliva in-home lab kit workups to look at testosterone & related hormones, stress hormones, nutrition levels, inflammation levels, & more.
> $500 worth of professional supplements (professional recommendations based on your custom workup).
> Anti-inflammation medical-based nutrition plan.
> Time efficient revolving-based exercise routine (gym, home, or travel options).
> Guided step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations on everything.
> Weekly online group meetings.
> Email support.
> Private FB group.
> One-on-one meetings & private discussions to optimize your hormones naturally. 
> Mindset training via hypnotherapy to boost everything from control appetite to crushing your physique and business goals.

The synergistic benefits of this comprehensive program are literally crazy.

Do you guarantee results? 

Yes, we do guarantee that if you follow the entire program as directed, communicate with our coaches in a timely manner & follow our advice, then you will definitely see absolutely stunning results. 

Is this a group or individual program? 


You’ll use the group aspects to learn and get support from other men in the same boat as you. 

But if you feel more comfortable using the program completely on your own in private, you can do that too. 

Is there help after the 8 weeks? 


The final lab set is typically done after the program, with final results and recommendations delivered afterward. 

Then, for a reasonable monthly fee, you can stay in the full-program for continued coaching support. 

You’ll also have lifetime access to the online Kajabi portal, which is always growing with more valuable teachings and tools. 

OK, this sounds amazing—but not too good to be true.


We’re not diminishing the effort it takes to reverse whatever’s been done to your body as you built a successful career.

You still need to work.

But drastic change CAN happen.

Change DOES happen. 

I still have questions / What’s next?

I lump these two together because the answer is the same for both.

For more answers or to see the first step…


We’ll hop on a quick call for 10-15 minutes and see if this is right for you.

If it’s not, I’ll tell you!

If it is? I’ll obviously encourage you to join—but nothing pushy.

You get to decide if you want to move forward.

That decision is all yours.

Ready to see if it’s right for you?


Yours in health,

Dr. Casey Greene
Founder, Nexus Health Partnership

PS => For as little as under $400 per month at zero interest you can access the men’s course built on over a quarter million dollars of total medical, health, and fitness education/training. Sounds like a killer deal to me…but schedule a call if you’re still not convinced.




PPS => This is a men’s physique and health program, so if you just want to lose some weight with easy & quick tricks go to either Weight Watchers or the nearest medical weight loss clinic for the skinny fat body of your nightmares. And also, if you just want a testosterone prescription to make this easy…go elsewhere…I’ve already fixed more of these guys than I can count through pharmaceutical and nutritional consulting (the root problems causing low T are never addressed by most docs, and the ED after effects are enough to make men cry…quite literally).

On the other hand, if you want to really fix the root of your men’s health woes to master your physique, performance & health…then why haven’t you booked a call yet?? Our smart functional medicine + nutrition + exercise approach is unlike anything you’ve ever tried guaranteed! (CLICK BELOW!)