Why Use Professional Supplements?

Why use professional supplementsAs a nutritionist and pharmacist, people often ask me this. First, let’s clarify what a professional supplement is. Then, we’ll help you understand why you should use them.

Professional Supplements & the Market

Several brands of nutritional supplements exist that sell only to licensed healthcare practitioners. These professional grade supplements are for medical care or professional nutritional consulting. Why would supplement companies limit themselves like this? Why not sell on Amazon or anywhere else with the most foot and/or web traffic to make as much money as possible? It’s because these companies believe their products can have the biggest positive impact on people’s health when managed through the care of a qualified healthcare practitioner. This includes physicians, pharmacists, nutritionists, health coaches, or a combination thereof. Thus, they focus on distribution through healthcare providers who can use these high-quality supplements in the practice of functional medicine.

Superior Formulation & Manufacturing Standards

Many people assume that nutritional supplements are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This is simply not true. However, supplements are required to follow the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) standards. This means the manufacturing facility must undergo FDA inspection and approval. With this said, the quality of manufacturing still varies by an incredible margin. Thus, some supplement manufacturers are worlds better than others.

Despite these regulations, many, if not most, supplement manufacturers use the cheapest ingredients possible to maximize their margins. The most common example I see is the cheapest form of an otherwise useful supplement (ex: magnesium oxide). This results in virtually no absorption or clinical benefit. So even though the supplement is cheaper, it is actually a big waste of money.

Like with food, you get what you pay for when it comes to nutritional supplements. Since you’re buying a supplement to make up for lacking nutrients in your diet don’t you want to make sure you truly get quality? You want the supplements you take, whether it’s vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, or protein, to have a positive impact on your health.

Consider this: A large fast-food meal will no doubt give you enough calories to survive through the day, despite poor nutritional value. However, a poor quality supplement will do nothing but waste your money.

[Jean-Paul CHASSENET] © 123rf.comProfessional Supplements and NexusHP

What the FDA doesn’t regulate is the clinical effectiveness of nutritional supplements. To get a nutritional supplement that truly provides you with health benefits you’ll likely have to do some research. That’s why Nexus Health Partnership has a team of nutrition nerds to guide you through the process. With over 20 years of experience, we help people with nutrition from the gym to the hospital.

The supplement brands we carry are formulated based on leading clinical studies. They focus on maximizing your health benefits. We don’t care to have 50,000+ products for you to select from and confuse you. Nor do we rely on just one brand that we manufacture and push. We focus on having the best quality, and most useful supplements on the market. Thus, we rely on several high-quality brands to find the best supplements for your specific needs. As you research professional supplements, you’ll find that some brands focus on health and wellness. Alternatively, other brands specialize in sports nutrition. We have searched out and approved only the best brands in each category to maximize efficacy for you.

Professional Supplements and the Standard American Diet

Poor diet is among the leading causes of chronic disease in the United States. That’s why we like to think that food is medicine. And nutritional supplements can help bridge the gaps where diet is lacking. This is especially true when administered under qualified expert nutritional care. These supplements can also defend your body when you consume damaging foods common in the Standard American Diet.

Two major problems exist with most people’s diets in developed countries.

  1. Inadequate intake of many required vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients (not enough good).
  2. Excessive intake of processed foods leading to chronic inflammation and chronic disease (too much bad).

Although it’s very advanced, modern medicine often avoids significant modification to your diet and lifestyle. Instead, it focuses on diagnosis, treatment with prescription medications, and surgery. Our functional medicine practitioners specialize in using food as medicine. The best approach is utilizing preventive measures, such as your diet, from the get-go. For superior results in most cases, use professional supplements instead of standard supplements. Use prescription medications when they are the only option left, even though, they’re very rarely designed to cure or prevent disease. Instead, they most often treat symptoms, indefinitely.

Take Advantage of NexusHP Professional Support

Ask NexusHP Pro Support how professional supplements might be able to help you today! We have a knowledgeable staff of professionals ready to help you reach your health, wellness, and nutritional goals.

Article by: Dr. Casey Greene, PharmD


Any health, nutrition and/or fitness advice provided through Nexus Health Partnership, Inc. is not intended to be a substitute for a relationship with a licensed and qualified healthcare practitioner. While every effort is made to provide the most accurate and useful communication possible to support our customer’s health and nutrition goals, it must be understood that we are working with a very limited amount of customer specific health information, if any, do not practice medicine, and cannot diagnose and/or treat any disease state within our online scope. Nexus Health Partnership, Inc. highly recommends that all of its customers maintain a working relationship with a local licensed healthcare practitioner for medical care. If having a medical emergency call 911 and/or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

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